Sep 16, 2011

Rotenburo, Izumoyumura Onsen, Unnan City, Shimane Pref.

History of Izumo Yumura Onsen (出雲湯村温泉) in Shimane Prefecture dates back to 8th century but it's a very quiet small onsen area now. There are two onsen inns, a public bath house, and a natural soaking pond called just "rotenburo" (open-air bath) on the riverside. This pond is my favorite.

It's easy to find. There are steps to walk down to the river shore just 20-30 meters from the public bath house. You'll see small bubbles come up from the bottom sand in the pond. Yes, it's ideal temperature at around 40°C.
River Hii (pronounce HEE) and Izumo Yumura Onsen. If you get to the Izumo Ymura Onsen, the rotenburo is easy to find.
There is no changing room and other facilities. Closing optional. I couldn't find a notice to ban swim suites bathing, but I heard local people doesn't welcome visitors' swim suite bathing. I recommend you to visit in the night or early morning.
Close up of the roenburo. Onsen is gushing from the bottom sand.
 ◆Rotenburo, Izumo Yumura Onsen (出雲湯村温泉露天風呂)

Type: Gender mixed. Closing optional

Available hour: Anytime, anyday

Admission fee: Free

Equipment: Nothing

Geocode:  35.21821,132.90807

Access: Take a bus from Kisuki Station of JR Kisuki Line to Izumo Yumura Onsen. The bus and railway services are both sporadic. From the bus stop, it's a few minutes walk.

My rating (A - E): A

Sep 1, 2011

Taki-no-yu, Tousenji Onsen, Totsukawa Onsenkyo, Nara Pref.

The Japanese word "Taki" means water falls. There is a water fall nearby  behind the Totsukawa Village Office.
[update] Taki-no-yu will resume business on 1 Nov, but bus services to Totsukawa Onsenkyo is still suspended as of 28 Oct. 2011 as the Typhoon Talas left severe damages in and around Totsukawa Village.

Totsukawa Onsenkyo consists of three onsens: Tousenji Onsen, Totsukawa Onsen, and Kamiyu Onsen, located mountainous area in Southern Nara Pref. It's time consuming to visit with public transportation.

It takes two and half hours by a local bus from JR Gojo Station, nearest railway station to the Tousenji Onsen, entrance of the Totsukawa Onsenkyo. (This bus route is the longest local bus route in Japan, and if you ride through, it takes seven and half hours.) It is oldest onsen in the Tostukawa Onsenkyo, with 560-year history.

I made a brief stop at Tousenji Onsen on the way to Totsukawa Onsen. There are some ryokans and two day-visit onsens. I walked to "Taki-no-yu", one of the day-visit onsens from bus stop of "Totsukawa Murayakuba" (Totsukawa Village Office).
Open-air bath for ladies.
Opposite angle of the open-air bath. There are narrow streams just beside the bath.
Indoor bath for ladies. The sulfur hot springs has smooth touch and smells like boiled egg.
There are steps to the open-air bath from the indoor bath, you can walk between them in your birthday suits.
◆Taki-no-yu, Tousenji Onsen, Totsukawa Onsenkyo (十津川温泉郷、湯泉地温泉、滝の湯)

Type: Gender separated indoor bath & open-air baths

Business hour: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Holiday: Thursday

Admission fee: ¥600

Address: 373-1 Ohara, Totsukawa-mura, Yoshino-gun, Nara Pref.

Location: 33.98755, 135.79003

Access: Take a bus from Yamato Yagi Station of Kintetsu Railway or JR Gojo Station to Tostukawamura Yakuba, then walk about five minutes. 

My rating (A - E): A

Appearance of the Taki-no-yu.