Apr 3, 2009

Sakura is Blooming

This post is unrelated to onsen. I love SAKURA (cherry blossoms) as much as onsen. They are nearly in full bloom at my neighbourhood in Tokyo right now. It seems I can enjoy SAKURA longer this year than usual as it has been rather cold for past 10 days or so. (^^)

Sakura trees along Syakujii-gawa(River Syakujii), northern Tokyo.

A closer look.


  1. Hi Onsen soaker
    I went to Shinjuku park to see Hanami.
    I am a little saad because now i am living again in France, so the feeling about Hanami is not the same as when i lived in Japan.
    You have to be japanese or like japanese to understand the emotion about hanami.
    By the way the rotenburo at Juniso onsen was cold 14 C°; First time that i took a cold bath in an onsen;
    Sorry that we could meet in Shibuya

  2. Hi Dreny san
    Well, not all Japanese likes Sakura or Onsen. For example, my husband always says he dosen't understand why so many people get excited about Sakura evry spring. He dosen't like onsen either.

  3. Hi Onsen soaker
    Japanese people who do not like Sakura must be rare,when i see all the people in Ueno, Shinjuku par or in Kyoto.
    My wife does not share my interest for Onsen, when we lived in Tokyo she came with me one time a month when a went three times.
    mata ne

  4. The japanese garden are the most beautiful in the world...


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