Jul 3, 2009


This post is unrelated to onsen.

Uniqlo, the Japanese leading clothing retailer released new blog parts "UNIQLO CALENDAR" last month. If you want the music on, point your mouse lower right of the picture and move the volume level. To see the full size picture, click the calendar (music is on).

If you input your address, you can make your own calendar for your blogs or websites (It covers all over the world, but big cities only for many countries). I will add smaller one to this blog's right side later.


  1. Cool widget! Thanks for the info, I may put this calendar on my side bar as well :)
    Btw, how was your trip to Cairns?

  2. Hi Rahsai!

    Yes, I was thinking "Maybe Rashai get interest in this calendar...".

    As for Cairns, the sea was too rough for perfect diving, but I could visit hot springs 150km away from Cairns. Wait for a new post!

  3. i was wondering ..
    is it possible for this calendar to be on your desktop ??

  4. It seems it's available for your desktop as a screen saver. Just click the calendar to find out.


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