Sep 15, 2009

Recommendable Onsen Ranking - JTB survey

A view near Hakone Yumoto Station. It's difficult to choose a typical Hakone picture as there are various types of onsen there. (photo: May 2007, courtesy of my husband)

The most recommendable onsen in Japan is Hakone Onsen, in Kanagawa Pref, Kanto Region - a recent online survey by the JTB, a leading Japanese travel company reveals.

You can't miss the Yubatake (hot spring filed) when you visit second ranked Kusatsu Onsen. (photo: Dec.2003)

The survey was conducted in early Aug, collected 1254 polls. Asked about "most recommendable onsen to others", 103 respondents picked Hakone. It's popular mainly because of easy access from Tokyo. Actually, it's within a day trip distance from Tokyo, and there are various types of onsen like public baths for local residents, an onsen amusement park, and so many ryokans and hotels scattered in wide area.

Otanigawa (the river Otani) and willow trees are symbols of Kinosaki Onsen. (photo: Mar. 2005)

Kusatsu Onsen in Gunma Pref, Kanto Region ranked second by a narrow margin with 99 polls, and Kinosaki Onsen in Hyogo Pref, Kansai Region ranked third with 53 polls. Many resnpondents pointed out the superb quality of hot spring water for Kusatsu. The "Sotoyu Meguri", which is public bath hopping is popular in Kinosaki Onsen. There are seven public baths in Kinosaki, and you can visit any of these as many as possible for free if you stay at a ryokan in Kinosaki (If you're a day-visitor, each of them charge ¥ 600-800 for soaking).

The whole ranking is:
  1. Hakone (Kanagawa Pref, Kanto Region)
  2. Kusatsu (Gunma Pref, Kanto Region)
  3. Kinosaki (Hyogo Pref, Kansai Region)
  4. Gero (Gifu Pref, Tokai Region)
  5. Arima (Hyogo Pref, Kansai Region)
  6. Noboribetsu (Hokkaido)
  7. Kurokawa (Kumamoto Pref, Kyushu Region)
  8. Yufuin (Oita Pref, Kyushu Region)
  9. Beppu (Oita Pref, Kyushu Region)
  10. Manza (Gunma Pref, Kanto Region)
  11. Shirahone (Nagano Pref, Chubu Region)
  12. Ibusuki (Kagoshima Pref, Kyushu Region)
  13. Shima (Gunma Pref, Kanto Region)
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