Jan 17, 2010

First Anniversary

"Onsen Soaker" celebrates first anniversary today. Thanks for visiting my blog from all over the world. The Flag Counter on this page tells this blog has visits from 100 different countries. Your visits always cheer me up. Some websites and blogs even mention and link this blog. I really appreciate it.

Let me explain why I started this blog. There are too many onsen related website in Japanese including mine, but it's hard to find practical and up-to-date information in English. I had been considering setting up a website in English for years, at the same time I had told myself again and again "Well, I'll start the English site after brushing up my English writing skills enough", and done nothing.

My father's death in Nov. 2008 made me realise I couldn't make an excuse and waste time anymore, and I started this blog. I've been struggling writing in English still now, but I believe I made right decision. I'll try to update more often.

Hope to share information on hot springs world wide, as my enthusiasm for onsen isn't limited to Japan. I want to visit hot springs in your country, too!


  1. Congrats on your first anniversary, may more follow! Btw don't come to Cambodia, the only hot spring we have is not worth it ...


  2. Hi Rick! Thanks for your warm comment. I've been to Cambodia, visited the Angkor Wat and other ruins, so I was thinking if I have a chance to go to Cambodia again, surely I will visit the hot spring.

    But after reading your cooment, I think I would rather go to Laos. Thanks for the advice, too. (^^ゞ

  3. Hi Rashai!

    Aigato gozaimasu. Hope to visit onsen in Sydney someday.

  4. I love your site and so happy that you do it. It's the same reason I write mine! Besides being one of the rare English sites, Onsen Soker is also written from a female's point of view which makes it even more valuable!


  5. Hi David!

    I will try writing good and bad about onsen.


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