Feb 7, 2010

"Second Onsen Award" released by Biglobe

Another onsen ranking news came in. The Biglobe, a leading portal site in Japan released "The Second Onsen Award" late last month. This is rather new face survey, they started this award last year.The survey is based not only on polls by nearly forty thousand users, but also on access data of their sites and users' reviews.

Although you can't soak yourself in, the Yubatake (Onsen field) is a symbol of first ranked Kusatsu Onsen, Gunma Pref. (photo: Dec.2003)

Second ranked Yufuin Onsen, Oita Pref. is known for onsen resort. At the same time there are some shabby public baths (My favorites) scattered around. You can see Mt. Yufu from almost everywhere in Yufuin. (photo: Jan. 2008)

Onsen steam rising from the Jigokudani or hell valley in the winter at the third ranked Noboribetsu Onsen, Hokkaido. (Photo: courtesy of Yun-san http://www.yunphoto.net/)

The top10 rankings are as follows:
  1. (1) Kusatsu Onsen, Guma Pref. Kanto Region
  2. (2) Yufuin Onsen, Oita Pref. Kyushu Region
  3. (4) Noboribetsu Onsen, Hokkaido
  4. (3) Arima Onsen, Hyogo Pref. Kansai Region
  5. (5) Hakone Yumoto Onsen, Kanagawa Pref. Kanto Region
  6. (6) Kinosaki Onsen, Hyogo Pref. Kansai Region
  7. (8) Gero Onsen, Gifu Pref. Tokai Region
  8. (9) Kurokawa Onsen, Kumamoto Pref. Kyushu Region
  9. (11)Dogo Onsen, Ehime Pref. Shikoku Region
  10. (7) Beppu Onsen, Oita Pref. Kyushu Region
(Last year's rankings)

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