Apr 22, 2010

Hyakkannon Onsen, Kuki City, Saitama Pref.

The big Open-air bath at upper stage.

Saitama is next prefecture of Tokyo, and you can make a half-day trip to the Hyakkannon Onsen (百観音温泉) from Tokyo. Located three minutes walk from JR Higashiwashinomiya (東鷲宮) Station, it's easy to access for visitors from abroad.

It's a basic day-visit onsen without frills, but the sodium onsen is abundant, gushing 1000 litter every minute. The muddy onsen smells a bit like rubber, the temperature is high at 57.3°C and cooled down by heat exchange system. I guess this is the one of the best day-visit onsens in Greater Tokyo Area.

The smaller open-air bath at lower stage.

If you feel a bit embarrassed to share a bath with unknown people, there are five private baths here. One of them is wood made barrel bath, and remaining four are made with stone and tiles. Tatami mat rooms for rest are attached for all private baths. You can order meal delivery from the restaurant. You can see pictures of the private baths on their official site.

They don't permit single use of the private baths, and you have to be a group of two on weekdays, and three or more on weekend and holidays. Their private baths are very popular and usually you have to book about a week in advance for weekends.

◆Hyakkannon Onsen (百観音温泉)

Type: Gender separated indoor and open-air baths, five private baths

Address: 2-10-1 Nishiowa, Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture

Location: 36.091393, 139.67701

Tel: 0480-59-4126 (English unspoken)

Business hour: 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM (from 6:30AM on weekends and holidays)

Holiday: Third Tuesday of every month

Admission fee: ¥700 (three hours), additional ¥3150 per room for the private bath (three hours). If two of you soak yourselves at a private bath, it will be ¥4550 altogether

Equipment: 2 indoor baths, 4 open-air baths and 1 sauna each for men and ladies, 5 private baths, a restaurant (upper floor), snack bar (first floor)

Access: Take Utsunomiya Line (宇都宮線) to Higashiwashinomiya (東鷲宮) from Ueno (上野) or Akabane (赤羽). It takes about 50 minutes from Ueno station, costing ¥820 one way. Some of the trains (limited rapid service) skip Higashiwashinomiya, in the case you have to get off at Kuki (久喜) and change to local train for one station. When you reach Higashi-washinomiya, walk straight from the west exit and turn right at first signals. See the linked map blow.

Official website of the Hyakkannon Onsen (Japanese only)
Map of the Hyakkannon Onsen in English

My rating (out of five): A-


  1. Great information. Thanx a lot!

  2. Tokyo is a wonderful city but i feel really sad to see the after effects of Tsunami. I would love to visit it once again with my family and meet the people from one of the greatest nations on planet.


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