Mar 12, 2011

If you need language help after the earthquake

If you are in Japan and need an interpreter to cope with trouble caused by the strong earthquake, a company called Bricks offer intepretation service for free. Just call 050-5814-7230. They provide English, Chinese and Korean services round the clock, and  from 9:00AM till 8:00PM for Spanish and Portuguese.

[update] As of March 14, more than 90 countries in the world offer aid to Japan. Thank you very much for your care. I really appreciate it. We'll overcome this tremendous disaster for sure. Please pray for us.


  1. Hi Miho,

    Our thoughts are with Japan.


  2. Hi Rick!

    I'm OK.
    Thank you so much for your care.

  3. My children and I are praying for Japan.

  4. Hi Moorea,

    Thank you. I'll show your comment to my friends in affected area.


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