Jun 8, 2011

Back to Onsen

After soaking in mud bath of the Sabeto Hot Springs, near Nadi International Airport, Fiji.

I'm back. Back from Fiji. Back to onsen world after stormy two and half months. Onsens had been out of my mind since the disaster, but recently I resumed onsen visits.

Some onsens were hit by the quake ant the tsunami. Indirect impacts also ovserved. Some stopped gushing, or new fountainheads emerged. Some existing onsens turned hotter, the others changed their color to milky white or transparent. Some of the affected onsens located more than 500 km away from the epicenter.

Other changes. According to some news reports, geiger counters are selling like hot cakes. Before the disaster, only limited people bought geiger counters. Many of them were onsen-goers expecting to cure their diseases, mainly cancer by radium hot springs. I mean people used to buy geiger counters to expose themselves to radiation as much as possible to get healthy, now people buy them to get away from it to stay healthy....

I visited only 27 onsens so far this year, compares to 93 same time last year. Anyway, I'm OK and my life in Tokyo got back to normal. I'll try to update this blog more often.

Also at the Sabeto Hot Springs.


  1. Glad to see you're back .. :)

  2. Hi Rashai!

    Thanks for your comment. I had been desperately busy with fundraising and other activities. I had a problem of insomnia, too.

    But a short holiday in Fuji last month was a great relief and nice change.


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