Jun 13, 2011

Blog Renewal

Looks totally different blog doesn't it? The new template introduced, the profile photo changed, and the top right message and the profile rewritten. The "Share Buttons" below each post and "Popular Posts for last 30 days" at right sidebar are newly installed.

I needed some change. I lost some working contracts after the Tohoku Earthquake, also suffered from chronic insomnia. But visiting Fuji last month was nice change and great relief, even I spent only five days there. Now I feel passion for onsen came back to me.


  1. Hi,

    Congrats, it looks very sleek. Sorry to here about your and your countries troubles. Good to see the passion back!

  2. It looks nice and fresh.. and I didn't think you would lose your passion for onsen though :)

  3. Hi camborick!

    Thanks for your comment. My life has changed after 311, and learned life is too short to worry about future.

    Tohoku Region is recovering quickly. You can see the picture of "Then and Now" on the Daily Mail's Mail Online.

  4. Hi Rashai!

    Thanks for your comment again. As geothermal activity is related to both onsen and earthquake, I didn't want to think about onsen for first 5-6 weeks after 311. Too many aftershocks made me feel like seasick for weeks.

    Supports from abroad cheered us so much. Japan is such a small country, but now we feel we are not alone in the world. As for me, blog friends like you made me update this blog again. Thanks you.


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